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Syntactic foam technologies

BMTI buoyancy aplications
BMTI buoyancy aplications: ROV / AUV buoyancy, Subsea buoyancy, Oceanography buoyancy

BMTI is part of the Materials Division of ALSEAMAR

ALSEAMAR, an ALCEN group subsidiary, operates in the naval and maritime industry sectors. The company meets national and international Defence & Security standards, and works with Oil & Gas offshore exploration and production, and the Oceanographic Sciences monitoring the marine environment.

BMTI is a leading manufacturer of engineered pure syntactic foam subsea buoyancy products for the Oil & Gas, Oceanography and Defence industries. Using innovative manufacturing techniques and advanced in-house developed materials technology, we work to ensure that our products provide high performance and reliability.

6 key facts about BMTI

Product formulation

All our epoxy syntactic foam grades are our own formulations; they are all produced using manufacturing processes and qualification testing that ensure the best possible quality.

Product Design

Our engineering department is able to offer a wide range of design services to suit your requirements.


From concept to completion, our in-house manufacturing and constant monitoring of each parameter ensure consistent product delivery.

Quality control

Throughout the process, quality control is a core concern.

Project Management

We provide a full project management service to assist with every stage of the product delivery process.